Clontarf Capital

Clontarf Capital is a research and consulting firm that provides strategic direction to a wide range of market participants. We believe that dynamic markets require dynamic research methods and an adaptive approach that is fluid and flexible. We believe that with compressed information cycles and ever shorter, sharper, learning curves, market participants need to learn to “write the conversation”©. We believe that every investor deserves a solution that fits and grows with their needs, and that complexity and excessive choice can be replaced by genuine, meaningful partnerships.

Since our founding in 2006, we have led by specializing in alternative assets. Our work includes full portfolio and product range analysis, with a particular focus on fashioning solutions through customization. Listening to our clients – to their needs, their expectations, and their preferences – is central to our approach, and every relationship is characterized by frequent dialogue and exploration.

Since inception we have developed specialized expertise in two additional areas: Emerging Markets and Credit Investments, and work with clients to develop strategies in these particular fields as well as more generally.

We continuously observe, innovate and advocate for our clients, and support better transparency and alignment of interests in the investment industry. Contact us on to learn more about our practice or to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.